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Packaging Techniques

World Sticker diverse array of printing technologies affords
our customers a range of opportunities for enhancing shelf-appeal,
functionality or convenience of their products.

  • Combination Printing
  • Dual-Printed Back Labels
  • In-Mold Labels (IML)
  • Dual layer labels
  • Metallic Printed & Other Specialty Inks
  • Foil Stamping & Embossing
  • Specialty Materials Including Holographic & Pearlescents
  • Pressure Sensitive & Clear Containers

he Sticker No Label Look highlights product clarity, catering to consumer preference in actually seeing the product.


Highlight product clarity
BUILD BRAND EQUITY Multiple print technologies combine creating
a desired look and feel for encouraging trial or continuing brand preference
Fastest growth rate 

Excellent graphic flexibility & creativity

Dual Printed Labels
Combining clear front labels and innovative back labels - which appear to float - creates an imaginative look that allows consumer to see through the front label, through a clear product & to the back label.

Give the illusion of a floating label   
Combine clear front labels & graphic back labels   
4 color graphics & opaque surface for information text   

Combining Technologies
High quality-printing technologies are combined to achieve phenomenal graphics. 

·        UV Flexo/Screen


Special material combination printing with Hot stamp, screen and embossing.

  • Offset/Screen
  • Hot Stamping & Embossing
  • Specialty Materials
  • Specialty Inks & Varnishes 

Dual layer label
Special design and requirement for limited space container,
the dual layer will able to print within 3 differences layers from front,
back front and inside front.
Limited with together 6 color from front to back label 

Hot Stamping
Hot stamping foil has become increasingly popular way to attract
attention on crowded store shelves and add an elegant value add touch.

Creates metallic images 
EXPRESS BRAND VALUE Integrating metallic images and
text attracts attention and adds an elegant touch to brand graphics.

Embossing creates raised relief images that are noticeable to
the eye and can be felt. Embossing provides a level of depth
to already existing graphics.

  • Raised relief images


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