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     World sticker associate these labels with a sense of well being, health and joy – which is precisely what consumers are looking for. Design is an important part of the entire production process – and together with the packaging itself, labels help brands to stand out from their competitors while simultaneously giving consumers a sense of wellbeing even before they have left the store.

"Flexibility is guaranteed through redundant press technology and contingency plans."

Best price and Flexibility  
-   Lower MOQ    
-   Partials delivery    
-   Sales Promotion    
-   Special discount    
-   Refund program    
-   Production scale to match customer
We always choose a right machine to match the customer, price and quality. 


One Stop service

Our strength is translating brand identity into graphic appeal and functionality. We provide package decoration for leading national and global consumer brands. 

Style & Innovation

Reveal the unique personality of your brands by creating a perfect blend of label design and product packaging. World Sticker creates imaginative labels that easily and instantly helps communicate brand benefits.

  • Increase shelf appeal with brilliant graphics
  • Encourage brand loyalty
  • Build and reinforce brand identity
  • Differentiate brands with creative, innovative designs

What is important for the end-user when he or she makes a choice?
They must perceive that the branded goods have certain special features. World Sticker wants to be a professional partner and an active contributor. We will help your products realize their potential in the market.

Let’s your labels make the consumer feel good
In cooperation with its customers, World Sticker develops labels that give consumers the "feel good" factor even before they leave the store.

Product information requirements are considerable. World Sticker’s self-adhesive labels are adapted to the individual product’s packaging and contain necessary and accurate product information, while at the same time the brand is clearly emphasised so that it can easily be recognised by the consumer.
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