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     World sticker wants to be a professional partner and an active contributor. We will help your products realize their potential in the market. The segment for personal care items comprises a number of different products, including toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, lipstick, creams and everything we use in our everyday personal care routines.

World Sticker, pre-press process provides our customers with extensive knowledge, while at the same time allowing us to work closely with the manufacturer’s own product designers.

For that reason labels need to be adapted to a meticulous production process. This work naturally occurs in close dialogue with our customers. At World Sticker, our task is to give our customers that little bit more when it comes to product development and an efficient value chain, while at the same time the brand can be instantly recognised and identified by the consumer

Personal care products

personal care products are one of the fastest growing sectors for the label industry. At World Sticker we print labels which last, so that whenever they are applied, our customers can be confident that they will stand the test of time, however frequently they are used.

Home care

Labels are more than a means of disseminating information - they are a central part of marketing. The right label creates an image, passes on information, and is part of the logistics chain. Labels can be applied to a huge variety of materials that can withstand a wide range of environments.
World Sticker is proud to be among the main suppliers of self-adhesive labels within the country Home Care market.


• Machine Dish Wash
• Hand Wash
• Hard Surface Cleaners
• Floor Detergents
• Fabric Conditioners
• Polishes
• Horticultural Products  

• Complex Compound Curves
• Newly Blown and Mature HDPE Bottles
• Spray Guns
• Medium to Large Size
• 80% Filmic face stock
• Acrylic Adhesives

 Flexible Sticker for Tube
• Some Clear on Clear
• Some Peel And Read Backs



Besides printing general self-adhesive labels for a large mount of the customers. One of our specialties is quality printing on difficult packaging materials. We use the same technology as with self-adhesive materials and the advantage by delivering them in rolls is that you are able to print variable information on a standard layout like “best before date” etc.

Together with our customers we design solutions which tailor the product to their exact wishes and requirements. In co-operation with the customer, our suppliers and others we assemble a "team of experts" which ensures an optimal solution, both technically and with regard to design, and problem-free labelling for the customer.

The selection of adhesives, raw materials (paper, foil/artificial materials etc.) colours, die and printing method, is never routine - it is a daily challenge.



Market competition in the Beverage sector is more competitive than ever. New and innovative packaging is in constant demand to allow our customers to have an edge.

From design concepts, wet glue to self adhesive conversion, line audits which have increased production line efficiencies with our customers, cost reduction programmes, stock management and bringing the latest innovative technologies and materials to our customers. We believe that we have something special to offer you in this market.


Industry needs detergents, cleaners, oil and other chemical products, yet there is little point in a hotel or a restaurant buying its cleaning products in packaging adapted for the private market.


For this reason, industrial chemicals are shipped in larger containers, often in metal or plastic canisters and drums containing from 10 to 200 litres, depending on the content.
Industrial chemicals in large containers need labels, large labels with clear and legible lettering providing accurate and concise information. Large labels are produced on wide presses. We offer highly competitive prices and provide top customer service through the chain.

Labelling and identification are a key component
There is an added requirement when handling industrial chemicals, which often need hazard symbols and details of the chemical components on their containers: The labels must be durable and long lasting and this is where a World Sticker label is a must.


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